Human powered_
  • We believe

    We are a people-centric/process-oriented company. First and foremost we are people serving people and we firmly believe that the experiences we create for our people in our centers translate into your customers' experience over the phone.
  • Do the Right Thing

    Integrity is at the center of our philosophy and starts at the very top of our organization. We promote being honest, respectful, hard-working, transparent, accepting, proactive, disciplined, positive, always doing the right things right.
  • Culture+ Processes+ Technology

    Our 3 critical building blocks are Culture-Processes-Technology. A culture of individual and collective values together with a performance-minded environment sets the tone for why, what, who, when and how we do everything. Culture drives our process design and technology aids us in following those processes.
  • Building Goodwill

    Every relationship we establish is based on goodwill toward the other parties, this goodwill becomes mutual. When we do things with the intention of generating win-win situations we automatically generate an ownership mindset and commitment from everyone. Our partnership model with clients and our working relationships with employees are equally goodwill-oriented, looking for mutual benefit.
  • 'Interpreneurship'

    We want to develop "Internal-Entrepreneurs" who are passionately engaged, everyone's ideas are welcome. Our approach to relationships is based on people taking responsibility over their actions, starting at the top. Everyone is the owner of his operational and interpersonal responsibilities in a way that shows respect, professionalism, commitment and accountability, we back this with financial commitments.
  • Learning

    We are a learning organization. One Chinese proverb says: "Learning is like rowing upstream: not to advance is to drop back". We promote risk-taking and new ideas under the premise that it is better to ask for pardon than for permission. We believe that several minds think better than one, and better decisions are made when considering different points of view.
  • Brand Promoters

    We recognize that to become a reliable partner to our clients, we need to be promoters of their brand. Every call is an opportunity to up-sell or to retain a customer. For us each call is an opportunity to transform a customer into a long-term, solid relationship.
  • Self-Management

    We integrate most of our controls into our processes, applications and systems so that supervisors can lead more effectively. We use positive, self-control mechanisms extensively to promote ownership, accountability and integrity over every individual's actions, through positive reinforcement by way of financial and non-financial motivators, such as our performance-driven incentives and our reward and recognition practices.