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People-Centric / Process-Oriented

We are a people-centric/process-oriented company. By combining a positive and healthy work environment with processes and tools that drive performance we provide our clients with a highly motivated and highly skillful team that delivers the best possible experience to the end-customer. Our business practices have been refined with the years to provide our team with an operational environment focused on execution and efficiency.

Performance-Driven Mindset

Frontline and management compensation is directly tied to client satisfaction as measured by performance objectives with the help of our proprietary tool. It is one of the most powerful tools for empowerment and self-motivation for our employees, it drives everyone to perform at their best by promoting a healthy competitive environment where everyone is fighting for the top spot in the Business Unit. This performance tool clearly provides agents and coaches information on areas of excellence and of improvement.

Technology Platform

Our proprietary platform incorporates people and business applications in a way that simplifies performance management. Accessible information for everyone is a crucial part of extraordinary execution and at the same time it provides a sense of transparency seldom seen elsewhere. It is intuitive and geared towards aiding decision-making and action-taking by users. It is used by agents, coaches, managers, clients and everyone involved in the operation of a Business Unit.

Operations Control

Our all-engineer operations control team uses analytics and information from our tech platform to turn huge amounts of data and information into smaller pieces of actionable items that are used by the frontlines team to take action quickly. The team analyzes information, freeing our frontlines coaches to spend much more time on the floor, supporting the troops which is where they are most useful.

Client-Centric Structure

Self-managed teams working for a specific client or Business Unit generate their own initiatives to improve client service. They are multifunctional teams with members of every department dedicated to the improvement process. The idea behind this is that the people from the frontlines know better what the end-customers and the clients need and they work toward a constant improvement goal. The client is at the center of the team, being represented by the partner manager, and non-operational areas are constantly working to support the operations by providing their services as a cohesive unit.

Account Management

We always keep the operational execution and relationship responsibilities under the same "roof". Our client's account manager is also ultimately responsible for the operational performance and is measured and evaluated accordingly, as a matter of fact he is always someone with an ownership stake in the company. And we always establish a partnership-type relationship with our clients by acting with goodwill and looking for win-win situations, looking for continuous improvements in our performance and our relationship.

Loyal Quality

We make our own effort to evaluate the quality of our calls with the end-customer in mind. We measure two different things; customer satisfaction and customer goodwill. For the former we ask; did they follow procedures?, did they solve customer issues?, and for the latter we ask; did they treat customers professionally? did they promote customer loyalty? In the end we want to assess if we were able to turn the customer into a long-term solid relationship for our client.

Floor Transitioning

New hire expectations are a key factor in providing our clients with consistent service during rampups and while filling attrition positions. In a cross-functional process our new trainees are introduced to their upcoming responsibilities and performance metrics in a controlled way in order to prevent premature attrition and to improve the learning curve. Extra resources are dedicated to ensuring that their expectations are set right and then met and to lessen the initial stress of the job making their transition into their new job as smooth as possible.
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